White Sage Incense Sticks are Related to Spirituality

Want to get the incense sticks that even take care of your health? The white sage incense sticks are a good option, as it comes up with the antimicrobial properties that improve your overall health.

White sage is a plant that is considered to be sacred, purifying, cleansing and protective since ancient time. 

White sage incense sticksEffectiveness of white sage

  • Feeling clearer
  • Boosting the energy
  • Rebooting the spiritual energy within a space
  • Igniting mental acuity
  • Restoring intuitive balance

White sage can work as a Purifier

In most cases, white sage incense sticks contain antimicrobial properties, which is effective against infectious viruses, bacteria, and fungi and also it is useful for repelling insects. 


It is believed that burning sage can release negative ions, help to neutralizing positive ions such as dust, pollution, pet dander, etc. Though, there is no scientific proof in this regard. But if it is true, then burning sage can be beneficial for 

  • Asthma
  • Allergies
  • Bronchitis
  • Various respiratory complications


If you inhale the smoke of White sage incense sticks when it is smudging, it may aggravate your respiratory condition. You should wait and after the smoke clears you can enter into the room. 

Improving your mood

Traditionally, it has been believed that smudging of white sage and incense resin lifts the spirit of individuals and banishes negativity. There are also some researches that support this belief. Another study shows that it can be used as a remedy for depression, mood disorders and anxiety.

Boosting cognition

Smudging white sage is also associated with improving your memory as well as concentration level and according to some studies; it may also treat Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

When it comes to incense resin, it is a completely different experience and resin incense is comparatively difficult to light as well. In order to burn this type of incense, you will need some burnable such as charcoal disks, make sure that you use non-flammable plates or dishes while performing this task. You can use small pebbles or sand as a base for whatever burnable you are using.