“I just got these incense today . They smell amazing ! Very fragrant all you need is one and the smell last for hours and the price is just right I would buy these again. My favorite is the Buddha flora . I love the cute lil holder too!.”

Sugar baby,


“If use incense, you will love these. They burn cleaner and much longer than incense we pick up in the store. You will love the scents.!!”

W. Hastings


“Nice pack to try different incense”

PA Whitehead


“This incense is pleasant and smells wonderful. I would recommend this product. I will definitely buy again”



“VLove this particular set. It smells great and the aroma last”



“sandalwood and patchouli are the best, imo. i can't find if they sell the scents individually, though. if so, i'd only buy those two scents”



“Olibanum smells horrible imo. So much so I threw it in the garbage. The patchouly is kind of week, overall they are wonderful”

Carles S


“Great scents. Burn long. Very relaxing. I have a bottle incense burner. those are also great ”



“So many wonderful scents. Strong enough without being overpowering”

Emreld dream